Friday, January 14, 2005

The one thing that I did not understand about Toshkent or Uzbekistan in general was the fact that it is a predominatly Muslim country but there were TONS of Christmas decorations and Santa Clause figures all over the city. We also got a chance to see a theatrical show of some sort of "Winter Wonderland". There was a Sultan, an Arab Princess, Santa Clause, gift giving, an Evil Witch Lady and many other characters. The whole thing was geared towards children being that in the audience was about 300 kids with their mothers. The play was in Russian but watching it long enough we got the jist of it and were even able to laugh when something funny happened. I was glad that we were able to stumle into that play and see things that not your normal tourist sees.

Toshkent has a subway system and an electric train system in the city. It was a fun city to visit.

and another...

This battle scene was extremely interesting. People's faces are being tore off and blood is everywhere. The painting was probably about 9 feet long and was kept me staring for quite some time.

Dave with the robe. Again, I have to emphasize that this was in the back room of the museum. These pieces of art were not seem by the normal person. I felt special. Hahahahaha.

While walking around the museum this lady that worked there took us by the hand and into this back room that was of limits and gave us a chance to wear of robe from one of the Sultans. These robes were in cases outside in the display area. However she thought to be nice to us and let us wear it.

Don't ask me what is up with my face but I am looking nutty here.

Dave looking posing next to his midget warrior.

One of the paintings on the wall of the museum.

The next time I take a trip to Toshkent I will be making an additional trip to Samurkand where these HUGE mosques. They say the whole city of Samurkand is a museum.

Dave surprising me with this picture.

Some of the art....

The chandalier that was in the center.

The writting on the center of this ceiling says the following, "The Work Which Can't Be Done By Hundred Thousand Cavalries Can Be Done By One Correct Arrrangement." The whole dome was painted and sculpted by hand. it was an awesome site.

Dave and the Sultans of yesteryear.

One of the Sultans of Uzbek. we found it funny how he died. Please read on.

This center room in the museum was beautiful. At the top you will see the begining of a HUGE chandalier.

Dave posing for his lil lady....see how he isn't smiling like the night before? Hahahahaha.

This is the History of Uzbekistan Museum.

This used to be a Sheraton Hotel across the street. We stayed here when we first came into the country a few months ago. It apparently lost the Sheraton name and is looking for a new name. BTW, the service at the Dedemon is much better.

This is the hotel that we stayed at. The Dedemon in Toshkent.

Sporting my new zapatos and leaving the bazar.

Myself and our Russian friend, Raslam, looking for Dave since he decided to just walk in an oppisite direction.

Under those blue unbrellas we had some of the best lamb-kabobs. Three of ate like kings for 5 bucks!!! Great city.

We were taken to this bazar by another of our "friends", Raslam, from the hotel. I was looking for shoes because all I had was my combat boots. I certainly couldn't go to a bar or club in combat boots!!!

The bouncer (I can't remember his name) and our "friend/driver" Daniel. Daniel was the hotel driver but we pretty much just took him out and he hung out with us for a couple nights.

This monster of a man took care of Dave when he had to get fresh air. All the people were really nice to us in Toshkent. Even this huge bouncer of a man.

Dave feeling really good after quite a few drinks at the FM Bar. I haven't seen Dave smile this big EVER. I am sure he was smiling like this when he got married a couple months ago.

As nice the bar was. The restrooms were sorta horrible. Hahahahaha.

After eating we went to a fine establishment called the "FM Bar". The restroom was upstairs from where this picture was taken.

My partner for the trip. Dave. Dave thought he wasn't going to have a wild time but turned out to have one of the wildest times. This is him after a bottle of the finest Uzbek wines.

This is me at a restaurant called Caravan's. Probably some of the best food around the city. The funny thing about all the restaurants and clubs in Toshkent is that you can not tell it is a restaurant from the streets. It looks like an abondoned building till you open the doors and then you enter the actual restaurant. Again, it is a great city.

BACK AND BETTER, mmmm, Well just back...not so much better.

I am back in my lil home called Qalat. Thank you to all who emailed me and msg'd me on yahoo with your concern for me. I had to take a trip and then went on a lil R&R (Rest and Relxation( break in the great city of Toshkent, Uzbekistan. I don't have many pics of Toshkent due to technical difficulties.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Mak gets a little crazy at times. Mostly when Rodger tries to build things without him. Hahahahahaha.

I don't think Rodger thought he was going to be doing this type of work when he decided to come out to Afghanistan.

Some more construction in the tent. Rodger wanted some privacy so we let him have his own lil "apartment". Walls are up. Ceiling is next.

Thats me freezing my you know whats off!!! I was told that going into that water I have become part of the polar bear swimmers club.

Who do you think ran that hose to the back of the lair? Mmmmmm. Take a guess.

Poyer and another guy seeing if the pump is pumping the water out. NOT.

Lets move the pump to the bottom of the hole. Maybe that will work. NOT.

They call him Adam "One Pull" Butler...

Still trying to get this thing working.

Tim showing us his gangbang ways...

This is me acting cool. Cool as ICE.

Anyone who knows Richard knows that if he has a camera in his hands he will take a picture of himself.

How many dudes does it take to get a pump going? Apparently all of us.

The Native American, Poyer, showing us how to hook up a pump.

Another picture of the flooded lair.

There is Adam. Mak trying to feed Adam a MUD pie.

Mak wearing the galoshes that I scored for us. Currently we only have ONE pair for the three of us.

MUD!!! Yes we have MUD. Adam (not shown) almost got the truck stuck in the MUD. Notice that our feet sink no matter where we go.